Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask:  The Life of Queen Elizabeth I
by Jane Resh Thomas

Queen Elizabeth I was a product of her childhood.  The daughter of an executed mother and a tyrannical father with many vices, she learned early how to survive amidst Court faction and gruesome behavior.

Jane Resh Thomas does not shy away from covering the brutality of the era and how Elizabeth overcame (actually survived) childhood neglect and maneuvered between political and religious factions created by her father’s policies.

As a ruling Queen, the skills she learned in childhood helped her succeed.  She could juggle different Ministers, negotiate with foreign powers and maintain the admiration of her people.

Thomas covers the many aspects of Elizabeth’s life and rule with just the right amount of detail. What’s not to like about this book?  Great pictures; handy reference list of personalities; intelligent and energetic writing; and palatable material all add up to a great title for young readers.

Book review illustrations created by Logan, age 9.

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