Elizabeth I: A Novel

Elizabeth I: A Novel
by Margret George

Enjoyed this book tremendously!  Am not one who likes the topic of Queen Elizabeth I tampered so when I received this novel as an anniversary present from my husband I was a bit leery. No need.  This title was so thoroughly steeped in history as to be acceptable to even the most proficient in the Tudor Era. George does let you know at the end what is historiography and what is fiction (which as a former history teacher I appreciate—it can be difficult to dispel the ‘information’ students pick up in Disney cartoons or Hollywood movies).

This is not for the faint of heart coming in at 641 pages (and surprisingly only deals with Elizabeth’s life from 1588 onwards). Remarkably, I only saw one noticeable ‘error’ in printing where an ‘a’ was left out of a sentence. Commendable considering some books I have read are so distracting because of errors that it is a challenge to complete them.

The narration alternates between Elizabeth and Lettice Knollys which works fairly well (except for a fictional meeting at Hever.) Great historical novel of Elizabeth I.  I would highly recommend it.

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