The Lady in the Tower

The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn
by Alison Weir
London:  Jonathan Cape, 2009
416 pages

Okay, was a bit leery of delving into a book by Alison Weir. I had started a fiction book on Elizabeth I by Weir in the fall and had to stop reading it because it was so historically incorrect and sensational.  There was a fear she may have sold out on this nonfiction book. She didn’t if you can overlook the chapter on the sightings of Anne Boleyn’s ghost at various locales throughout history. Weir makes an attempt to bring in many primary sources and since she started out by acknowledging the work of Dr. Eric Ives I figured it couldn’t be too bad (his work on Anne Boleyn I would consider one of the definitive studies). She did dispute a common story/myth that Henry VIII was hunting in Richmond Park at the time of Anne’s execution, but sites as her proof a secondary source. This is something that will need further investigation in view of the plaque that is in the park stating that was indeed where Henry VIII was.
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